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How to Experience His Presence in Your Everyday Life

Life is occupied, and we fill it with many distractions. Have you noticed how easy it is to be caught up in our worries, errands, work, etc..? We lose sight of what matters most, Him. There are things we can do daily to stay in His presence. When we can maintain that, we make God home in our hearts.
Jesus called us to show others love. He told His disciples,  "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” John 13:35. Love is so much more than just a feeling; true love shows itself through our daily actions. Showing His love to someone else will warm that person's heart. The ripple effect of that is they'll be finding ways to show appreciation to others, and so on. Here are some ways you can share love with others: Providing dinner to an elderly neighbor who lives alone.Gifting someone or striking up a conversation with an individual who needs a friend. A simple smile and saying hello to a person you are maybe passing. Scripture for Remaining…

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